Welcome to the IF Guide

This is where your exploration of Kippling’s 12 truths begin.  See this guide like your life coach in your pocket.  Each truth is designed to provide you an insight into mens mental wellness. Take your time as you explore each component. 

Reflect. Apply and keep exploring.  

And remember, there is a community of men standing at the ready to help keep you accountable along your way.  To get you started, watch the poem below, then click on the link next the truth you wish to explore.

To get started, watch the IF Poem animation by clicking the button below. Then scroll down to navigate to the chapter you would like to explore further.


Truth #1: Keep Your Head

Truth #2: Back Yourself

Truth #3: Practice Patience, Forgiveness & Authenticity

Truth #4: Balance Dreams & Reality

Truth #5: Your Mind - Friend or Foe?

Truth #6: Ride the Highs & Lows

Truth #7: It's A Cruel World

Truth #8: Window Of Opportunity

Truth #9: Whatever It Takes

Truth #10: Humility, Grace & Power

Truth #11: Mateship & Manhood

Truth #12: Self Mastery

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